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Congratulations that you have got your OpenSK USB dongle, now you can try FIDO functions to do fast online authentication. OpenSK implements FIDO2(CTAP2) and FIDO U2F specifications, it can support any website leveraging W3C WebAuthN.

Manage OpenSK

There are two ways to manage your OpenSK USB Dongle, include Reset, Set PIN, and Change PIN.

Windows Settings

  1. Open the Windows Settings app, select Accounts, select Sign-in options, select Security Key, and then select Manage.
  2. You can then attach OpenSK to the USB port to manage it as you want.


  1. Please refer to Microsoft Document for detailed information.
  2. Security Key option in Windows Settings is only available from Windows 10 1903.

Chrome Browser

  1. From Chrome browser, open URL chrome://settings/securityKeys, or open menu "Settings” => “Privacy and security” (More)=> “Manage security keys”.
  2. You can see Manage security keys page, then you can do corresponding operations following the tips.


I don't know the exact version of Chrome that started to add this UI, but please update it to the latest version to have this function.

Demo Websites

There are a lot of Demo websites list here, you can try and test.
Here I recommend
- (from DUO)
- (from Google)


I can not guaranty that all the demo websites can work well with OpenSK.

Real use cases

There are a lot of online services that can use FIDO2/U2F to do 2FA or passwordless authentication, please refer to FEITIAN website and click corresponding service ICON to learn.

Here just emphasize services from two big FIDO players, Google and Microsoft.


- Google 2-Step Verification

- Google Advanced Protection


Microsoft Account Passwordless Logon

  • Please refer to Microsoft Blog to learn how to do Microsoft Account Passwordless Logon with FIDO2 security keys. Or
  • Take a look at Chapter 2.2 of FEITIAN FIDO2 scenarios to configure OpenSK with Microsoft Account step by step.


Surely there are a lot of other online services except for Google's and Microsoft's, you can learn from
- FIDO2 Scenarios and U2F Scenarios from Feitian's resources.
- Knowledge Base from Feitian
- Dedicated FIDO website from Feitian. Here you can find the list of online services to use FIDO.